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Brunswick Healthy Living Centre

Brunswick Healthy Living Centre

Based at the Brunswick Hub in Leamington, Brunswick Healthy Living centre is a registered Charity with the ethos of providing services connected to health and well-being. As well as providing information and advice, they also support physical, mental and economic health.

Initially the team at Brunswick Healthy Living centre were support customers, but they needed help with their website and came to the development team. Their previous site was not mobile friendly, featured a number of broken pages & links and needed a refresh so it was more accessible for their visitors. They asked if we were able to help them manage their site and we were more than willing to help refresh their site with a new design and clean up the content.

We provided them with a practical, informative site for their visitors. With a modern and visual design the site is easy to navigate through the use of icon circles, which are used to keep the site accessible to BHLC’s visitors that aren’t always used to website navigation.

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