Three quick questions about your cyber security habits

3 questions about cyber security habits

How secure is your data from a cyber attack?

With hybrid working becoming the norm, many of us are accessing our company IT systems and data from numerous locations and devices; maybe even using our own personal equipment. This, of course, increases the risk of cyber threats, especially if you or your colleagues are unaware of, or simply ignoring, the risks.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, everyone needs to take responsibility for Cyber Security!

What’s the worst that can happen if company data is stolen?

So, if you’re not already, it’s time to start taking Cyber Security seriously. Here are three quick questions about your cyber security habits:

1. Have you activtated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on ALL your devices?

All devices should have Antivirus, Firewalls and MFA/2FA.

MFA/2FA provides an extra level of protection from identity theft. It’s is easy to set up and costs you nothing. We can guide you through it if you’re unsure what to do. Find out more.

2. Do you click “Postpone” or “Remind me later” when prompted to restart after a software update?

Yes? Stop it!

Keep your software up-to-date! We can install remote monitoring software to ensure all of your devices are up-to-date. We can even force restarts on all your devices so you don’t have to worry about employees ignoring the restart prompt. And it has to be “restart” – turning your device off at the end of the day and turning it on the next day does not have the same effect.

3. Do you regularly back up your data?

If you don’t, then start doing so!

If your data is compromised by a cyber attack, having a back up will ensure you never lose your data. Contact us to find out more about our back up solutions.

We’re here to help…

If you’re concerned about any of the above points, we’re here to help. We can carry out a cyber audit for you, assess your current IT systems, help with staff awareness campaigns, create a disaster recover plan for you, and guide you through Cyber Essentials Certification.

You can find out more about our Cyber Security solutions on our website.