What do you mean Microsoft isn’t backing up my data?

data backup - laptop disappearing

You may be wondering: “Do I really need to backup Microsoft 365? Surely Microsoft takes care of that themselves?”

The simple answer is: “Yes, you do need to back it up.”

You can lose data with a simple click of a button – not to mention the threats from hackers, ransomware, or even disgruntled employees. It can be extremely costly and time-consuming to retrieve lost data, and if it’s not backed up correctly, then your data could be lost forever.

Here are 5 key reasons you should backup your data

1. Microsoft doesn’t actually back up your data

“What do you mean, my data isn’t backed up?”

There is a false impression that data created and stored in cloud ecosystems such as Microsoft 365 do not need to be backed up beyond the native offerings. You need a third-party backup and recovery solution that offers a complete solution.

2. Ensure business continuity

“Aaaarrrggghhh, everything’s stopped working!”

In the event of an adverse event (natural disaster, fire, cyber attacks, etc, or just simply the wrong click of a button), data backup ensures your organisation continues to function.

3. Alleviate data location uncertainties

“Where is my data hiding?”

You probably know your data is stored in the cloud. But where exactly is that? And how do you retrieve it? Outlook emails, OneDrive documents, SharePoint files, Teams conversations, etc, are separate, and sometimes stored separately. So the only way to back it all up, and restore all of it, is with a system designed to find it all, store it all, and restore it all.

4. Meet compliance and regulatory requirements

“I work in Finance – how can I be sure I’m meeting compliance and regulatory requirements”

Regulated industries (like Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal, etc) have to comply with strict regulations, such as GDPR. Compliance is not guaranteed with Microsoft 365’s out-of-the-box tools. A third-party solution will take care of that for you.

5. Protect your data from digital threats

“I’m worried about my employees falling for a cyber attack and losing all our data.”

From accidental deletion to ransomware attacks, the only way to truly protect your business is by having a full and complete backup and archive of your data. Only a backup and archiving solution specifically made for this kind of process can handle that task easily and quickly.

We’re here to help…

Never worry about losing any of your data again, whether that’s Outlook emails, Google emails, Google Workspace, SharePoint files, Teams Conversations, documents or your desktop files.

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