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North Pole 16

North Pole 16

Mark Wood in the North PoleThe North Pole 16 website was created for an Arctic expedition in April 2016. The site formed a blogging platform for the expedition team to share the journey from the planning and pre-expedition activities to voice memos from the ice of the North Pole.

The expedition’s aim was to film the state of the Arctic Ice as the team crossed the ocean to the Geographic North Pole, while capturing the beauty and global significance of the region before the ice melts to a point where it is no longer possible.

The North Pole 16 website was primarily used to host a blog containing their messages and thoughts throughout the process, as well as a place for people to come and view the donation amount raised to the Hire a Hero charity, which was the other main focus for the expedition. The website was optimised for mobile devices including being fully responsive and contained a social sharing section, a full page map that tracked the team while on the ice and some information about the team members.

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