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Pigeon Poop

Pigeon Poop

Pigeon Poop ® is a mobile game created by to encourage more people to get involved with the 2015 UK General Election. We developed a game where players could express their vote in a new way, by pooping on them with a pigeon!

The Pigeon Poop project included a game available on a website and mobile devices, both iOS and Android. With 4 types of game modes and 3 difficulties each, as well as a variety of customisation options for your pigeon, there’s plenty of fun to be had with this novel experience.

The game was created using the powerful Unity Platform which allows you to code once and apply it for multiple platforms, allowing for projects to be created in unison on many different systems. We developed and tested the entire project along side with our client, creating all three sections of the project simultaneously.

Click here see the app in the Google store