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Safety Pass Alliance

Safety Pass Alliance are another existing client with a support contract, who asked us to look at redeveloping their internal database system, and revamping their website. Their previous database system was written ten years ago using Windows Forms – and only one person could update it at a time.

Safety Pass Alliance LogoIn consultation with our client, we developed a specification for a system that allows tight integration between the website and the internal database. Training Events on the website are updated hourly with the latest information from the internal database. Training Providers can manage Training Events, request new ones, assign delegates – all through a web interface. Clients can verify that a Passport is genuine, also through a web interface.

The backend system allows SPA to manage all their passports, clients, delegates, Training Providers and Events, from creating new Courses to printing Passports. With nearly 1000 files and over 40,000 lines of code, SPA’s database and website is one of our largest projects, utilising our design and development resources to the maximum.

Visit the Safety Pass Alliance website